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Made for Kubota, XCMG, Wacker Neuseon, Sany and more!

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Taurox’s extensive range of mini-excavator attachments is meticulously designed to meet the demands of compact construction projects. Each of our buckets are crafted from top-grade, high-strength steel to endure tough conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability on any job site. From powerful digging buckets built to break ground with ease, or versatile cleanup buckets perfect for grading and leveling tasks, Taurox buckets are a promise of efficiency and productivity.

Explore our mini-excavator buckets below and elevate your projects today. Available for most brands of mini-excavators, including but not limited to Kubota, XCMG, Wacker Neuseon, and Sany:

  • Available for 1.5T - 10T excavators
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Hardox wear plates
  • ESCO style GET
  • Bolt-on edge (clean up buckets)
  • 3-year warranty